Welcome to the Des Moines ENT rotation. You will be rotating at the following Des Moines hospitals: Broadlawns Medical Center (BMC), Iowa Methodist Medical Center (IMMC), Mercy Medical Center (IMMC), VA Central Iowa Health Care System (VAMC), and you will also work at the West Des Moines Surgery Center and the Lakeview Surgery Center in West Des Moines. The first day in Des Moines will be spent being oriented to all of the hospitals. You will only have to dictate cases at Broadlawns and the VA, as the medical staff at IMMC and Mercy do their own dictations. While in Des Moines you will cover call for the BMC and VAMC Emergency Departments and will provide consults at BMC and VAMC.


Housing has been arranged at 811 Roosevelt (close to Lutheran Hospital). It is a duplex with two bedrooms and an adjacent garage. (UI nurse-anesthetists use the other side of the duplex). There is a limited supply of dishes and utensils provided. The duplex has cable television and a Qwest high-speed internet modem for your use. The duplex phone number is (515) 263-0434. Phone service is available for local calls only. See the maps section for directions to the duplex.


  • Linens, bedding, pillows, and towels are NOT provided. 
  • The unit will be cleaned between residents, but NOT during the rotation. Some basic cleaning products, toilet paper and paper towels will be stocked in the unit for your use.
  • A vacuum cleaner is also provided for use during your stay.


  • 811 Roosevelt duplex (park in the adjacent garage)
  • BMC and IMMC: Parking provided in physician's designated area. Parking permit provided at orientation
  • VAMC: Parking provided in Employee Lot.
  • Mercy: Provided in the lot outside the main hospital entrance.
  • West Des Moines & Lakeview Surgery Centers: You can park in the main parking area adjacent to these two centers.


  • BMC: A food allowance is provided to allow you to access meal on days that you are in clinic or operating at BMC.  Food is also available on days you are called in to see ER or hospital consults.
  • IMMC: A card loaded with $120.00 will be provided at orientation.  This can be used to charge meals when you are seeing patients or operating at IMMC.
  • VAMC: A food allowance is provided and will be explained at orientation.

Weekly Schedule:

  • This will be discussed at the start of the rotation.
  • A schedule of BMC Clinic + OR days and VAMC Clinic + OR days will be provided. 
  • Explanation will be provided about how to schedule time at Mercy Medical Center (working primarily with Dr. Matt Morgan) and at the West Des Moines and Lakeview Surgery Centers (working primarily with Dr. Brent Koch and Dr. Cody Koch).


  • IMMC Health Sciences Library: You have 24-hour access 7 days per week to the IMMC Health Sciences library. You will need your picture ID for after-hours entry. There is free internet and photocopying at all times. The librarians will be glad to access information and do literature searches for you. You may call the Health Science librarians for assistance at 515-241-6490.
  • Broadlawns has a library with internet access. You have 24-hour access 7 days per week. After 5 pm you will need to stop by the operator to access a key to the library.
  • There is a fitness center located near the Consortium Offices on Woodland Avenue.  If you are interested in using the fitness center, there is required paperwork that needs to be completed.  Wendi Kruger can provide the registration form that must be completed when you meet you with her at the start of the rotation.  Once registered, you will have 24-hour access 7 day per week using the picture ID badge.

Consortium Contact Information:

Des Moines Area Medical Education Consortium
1415 Woodland Ave, Suite 130 
Des Moines, Iowa 50309
Steven Craig, M.D. : 515-241-4455
Wendi Kruger: 515-241-4455 

Hospital Contact Information:

Broadlawns Medical Center 
1800 Hickman Road
Des Moines, Iowa 50314.
LuAnn Vondracek: 515-282-2581
Operator: 515-282-2200

Iowa Methodist Medical Center 
1200 Pleasant Street,
Des Moines, Iowa 50209 
Operator: 515-241-6212
Operating Room desk: 515-241-6214

VA Central Iowa Healthcare System 
600 30th Street
Des Moines, Iowa 50310
Nancy Upton: 515-699-5999 extension 94644
Operator: 515-699-5999

Mercy Medical Center 
1111 6th Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa 50314
Abby Hubbard: 515-643-2682