Welcome to the Des Moines Ophthalmology rotation. You will be working at the VA Central Iowa Health Care System (VAMC).  The first day in Des Moines will be spent at the VA being oriented and credentialed to work at the hospital.  You will want to bring with you a copy of your medical or resident license, social security card or passport, a personal check to initiate direct deposit, and your license plate number and your driver's license for the VA. You will also need to provide the VA with a recent copy of your last TB test result and a copy of your immunization records.


Housing has been arranged at 5963 Greendale Place, Apt # 201 (Building 9) in Johnston. The apartment is in a suburban neighborhood that is family-oriented. The apartment phone number is (515) 270-2057. Phone service is available for local calls only. Driving time from Iowa City is just under 2 hours; see the map for directions to the apartment. The phone number for the main Winwood Apartment office is (515) 270-0940. For emergency maintenance, you can call (515) 707-6628 for assistance.

Additional Housing Notes:

  • You will want to contact the post office (in the adjacent strip-mall) when you arrive so they will deliver your mail.
  • The management office (515) 270-0940 can get you a key in an emergency.
  • Traditionally residents have left a starter supply of paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and garbage bags. Please, replace these before you leave.

Apartment Furnishings:

  • Microwave, washer/dryer (don't overload dryer and make sure to clean the lint filter), dishwasher, queen bed, two single beds, hide-a-bed couch.
  • Two color TV's, cable, VCR, DVD/VCR, computer.
  • Clock/radio, vacuum cleaner
  • Linens are supplied, but you will want to bring extra blankets and pillow.
  • Kitchen and bath towels.
  • Kitchen has limited supply of dishes, utensils, and a few basic pots/pans, toaster and coffee pot. 


  • VA parking is in the back Employee Parking area, you will receive a hanging tag.


  • VA meals are free while on duty at the VA.  Where and how to access food will be explained at orientation on the first day. 

Weekly Schedule:

  • A detailed schedule of clinic and operating room days and times will be provided on the first day of the rotation.


You will be cover ophthalmology call at the VA from Monday morning until Friday afternoon.  Usually calls concern VA post-op patients but occasionally there may be a need for a new consult on a patient in the hospital or emergency room.   Dr. Grignon may ask you to take call on Friday afternoon if she has planned time off.  Weekend call is covered on a rotation basis by other in-town ophthalmologists.  You are not responsible for covering call on weekends; however you may wish to keep you pager on during the weekend, to help direct questions to who is covering.   


The VA provides you with 4 vacation days during your 10 week rotation (5 if you are here for 12 weeks). Schedule these days off well in advance. It is your responsibility to let the VA staff know of your absence.  These days of vacation are in addition to the 15 days of vacation the UIHC gives you.


  • IMMC Health Sciences Library: You have 24-hour access 7 days per week to the IMMC Health Sciences library. You will need your picture ID badge for after-hours entry. You can contact the Consortium office to get your ID badge. There is also free internet and photocopying at all times. The librarians will also be glad to access information and do literature searches for you. You may call the Health Science librarians for assistance at 515-241-6490.


Consortium Contact Information:

Des Moines Area Medical Education Consortium

1415 Woodland Ave, Suite 130
Des Moines, Iowa 50309
Steven Craig, M.D.: 515-241-4455
Wendi Kruger: 515-241-4455 

VA Central Iowa Healthcare System

600 30th Street
Des Moines, Iowa 50310
Ann Beals: 515-699-5999 extension 94629
Mary Jo Wiedman: 515-699-5815
Operator: 515-699-5999