Broadlawns Medical Center (BMC) - Emergency Medicine Advanced Elective

Rotation Overview

Students enrolling in the BMC Emergency Medicine elective, MUST be at UIHC on the 1st day of the rotation for orientation and simulation. Once in Des Moines, students will work rotating shifts and will have an opportunity to see emergency patients at different times of the day and night, offering a more balanced experience. The rotation is organized so that only one student is assigned per shift. Scheduling is organized in this manner so that each student obtains maximum educational benefit from their emergency medicine experience. During assignments in the BMC emergency room, students will see a wide array of interesting pathology and complex patients. The patient population is representative of a large, busy, inner city hospital emergency department. Students are expected to perform the following for assigned patients:

1. Assist with initial stabilization

2. Perform necessary history and physical examination

3. Develop appropriate differential diagnoses

4. Present oral presentations to the attending and/or resident

5. Formulate appropriate diagnostic, management, and disposition strategies

6. Assist in presenting disposition plans to the patients

Additional information and objectives about this advanced pathway can be also be found in the Carver College of Medicine Advanced Clerkships Course Descriptions under EM:8406.

Rotation Educational Resources

1. The UIHC Emergency Medicine ICON website contains a number of resources. Students may also consider accessing The Flipped Classroom EM Classroom as an additional self-study resource.

2. Iowa Methodist Medical Center Health Sciences Library - Students have 24-hour access 7 days per week to the IMMC Health Sciences library. A UnityPoint - Des Moines picture ID badge will be needed for after-hours entry. Internet and photocopying is available. Students may call the Health Sciences librarians for assistance at 515-241-6490.

3. Broadlawns Health Sciences Library - Students will also have access to the library at BMC. It's located in the main hospital, lower level, next to the cafeteria. For assistance, students can call 515-282-2394.


Students are required to attend conferences only when on a "day shift".  Both conference sessions are conducted in the Ingersoll Conference Room. Morning conference is held from 7:30-8:00 AM, Monday through Friday and noon conference is  held from Noon-1:00 PM, Monday through Friday. There may be additional emergency medicine-specific conferences provided and time/place for these will be provided during the rotation.

Evaluation and Grading

Each student will have a mid-clerkship evaluation. This should be scheduled with the site director and/or one of the other faculty members on this rotation. Students may receive an evaluation to complete of the rotation and/or of the faculty member(s) with whom they worked.

Students will receive their final grade upon completion of the minimum requirements. that include:

1. Attendance of 1-day simulation lab at UIHC

2. Logging of patient encounters

3. Receipt of required performance evaluations

4. Completion of systems-based practice project

5. Completion of ethics paper

6. EM shelf exam administered the last Friday of the rotation

Meals @ BMC

Students attending Morning and Noon Conferences can eat a free breakfast and lunch at the conferences. A Broadlawns photo ID will be provided that should be worn while on duty. The ID will allow students to charge meals, when on duty, in the Broadlawns cafeteria.

Contact Information

For further information on this rotation or parking at the facility, please contact Erin Barnes, Coordinator, Medical  Education, or call 515-282-5776. Any other general questions, please contact Wendi Kruger, Education Coordinator, in the Des Moines Area Medical Education Consortium office at or at 515-241-4455.

Office of Student Affairs and Curriculum (OSAC) - Advanced Curriculum Resources