Public Health Medicine Elective

Rotation Overview

The State of Iowa Department of Public Health offers a 4-week elective rotation for 4th year medical students. This is an opportunity to learn the public health issues of acute disease while actively participating in on-going projects. In addition, this rotation can provide insight into future training and/or career opportunities in public health practice.


1. Learn the public health impact and response to communicable disease, poisonings, and other acute events.

2. Participate in an outbreak investigation.

3. Learn the organization and function of a state health department.

4. Learn how public health policy is developed and implemented.

5. Develop a written report for publication (if possible).

6. Learn core functions and ten essential services of public health.

The objectives will be accomplished by participation in the investigation of an acute disease outbreak (should one occur during the rotation), by participation in one of several ongoing projects (for example, studying the impact of RAGBRAI on health behaviors), and by participation in public health grand rounds (a weekly discussion of current activities the Center is involved in).

Students interested in this rotation should contact the Iowa Department of Public Health State Epidemiologist's office before enrolling in this course to ensure a slot is available. Students enrolled in this rotation must contact the State Epidemiologist one month in advance of the start of the rotation to discuss specific interests, projects. etc.

Additional information about this advanced elective can be found in the Carver College of Medicine Advanced Pathway Course Descriptions under IM:8455.

Contact Information

For further information about this rotation, please contact Wendi Kruger, at or in the Consortium office at 515-241-4455.

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