Community Based Primary Care Clerkship


During the four-week Community Based Primary Care Clerkship (CBPCC), students are assigned to work 7-10 half days with a Family Medicine preceptor assigned by the Consortium. Students also participate in a wide variety of experiences in many community-based activities.

Each student is also assigned a patient and performs a comprehensive geriatric assessment. The assessment is presented and submitted to Dr. Steve Craig who will then pick one learning issue from that patient's assessment. The student will be required to research the learning issue and present the results of their research to Dr. Craig and the other students.

Students are also required to complete a community health project and present their findings at noon conference at Broadlawns Medical Center.  Under the guidance of CBPCC Clerkship Director (Dana Danley, MD), students will present a report highlighting community resources available for a public health issue chosen by the student. A variety of formats are acceptable but most students choose a PowerPoint presentation. Dr. Danley will review the guidelines from UICCOM.

In order to fulfill the objectives of the course, students are required to travel to multiple locations.  Personal transportation is required and is the responsibility of the student.

To hear first hand about this core clerkship  from prior students, watch  their feedback here.

Community Based Activities:

Students go out into the community two or three days per week to participate in the following activities:

  • Local Nursing Home : Students learn about geriatric assessment and perform an assessment on an assigned patient at the nursing home.
  • Iowa Department of Public Health : Students interact with various departments and learn more about the Department's disease prevention and disease tracking and outbreak investigation services. 
  • Taylor House Hospice: Students attend a multidisciplinary patient care conference and round with a Dr. Rebecca Lachenmaier in the morning at Taylor House. Students will then travel with a hospice nurse in the afternoon on home visits.
  • Sports Medicine : Students spend one afternoon with a physical therapist/certified athletic therapist. They will learn physical therapy measures, usage, and management for a wide variety of orthopedic conditions.
  • Donor Awareness : Students will meet for two hours with a representative about "end of life" organ donation decisions for patients and families, legislative initiatives, and time constraints regarding organ donation.
  • Social Services: Students spend one hour meeting with a hospital social worker to learn how patients qualify for and access various social support medical services.
  • Iowa State Medical Examiner Students spend one day working with physicians and other staff in the State Medical Examiner's Office to learn about crime scene investigations and forensic pathology.
  • Speech Therapy: Students spend one-half day working with a hospital-based speech therapist evaluating new patients and coordinating care of established patients with a variety of speech and swallowing disorders.
  • Palliative Care: Students spend one day working with the Palliative Care Consult Service staff at IMMC. 
  • Diabetes Education: Students will spend one half-day working with diabetes nurse and dietician educators at a certified Diabetes Education Center on the IMMC campus.


  • CBPCC Survival Guide
  • A detailed notebook for rotation will be provided on the first day of the clerkship.
  • Health Sciences Library: Students have 24-hour access 7 days per week to the IMMC Health Sciences library. A UnityPoint - Des Moines picture ID badge will be needed for after-hours entry. Internet and photocopying is available. Students may call the Health Sciences librarians for assistance at 515-241-6490.
  • See Clerkship ICON website for additional electronic resources.


  • CBL Sessions: See schedule provided for times, locations, and topics.
  • Geriatric Assessment, and Learning Issue presentations with Dr. Craig.
  • Students will present the results of their Community Health Project in the last week of clerkship at Broadlawns Medical Center.


  • Faculty Preceptor Evaluations are done at the end of rotation.
  • Project Presentation evaluation by Dr. Danley with input from other Broadlawns staff members will be completed at the end of the clerkship. 
  • Geriatric Assessment & learning issue evaluation by Dr. Craig.
  • Professionalism evaluations from Palliative Care and Nursing Staff.

Housing & Parking: This link provides information regarding housing at the InnTowner and associated parking.

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