Prospective Students

This site contains valuable resources to help students explore the options of completing all, or parts, of their clinical training at the Des Moines Branch Campus. Included are short video clips that answer many questions of interest to prospective students. Although you will benefit from reviewing the information found on this site, the best way to discover more about the Des Moines Branch Campus is to come for a personal visit. Students are welcome at any time of year. Key leaders, educators, and staff are all available during a visit. Campus tours are led by current students, who can show key areas of the hospitals, the outstanding educational facilities, and the living space and fitness facilities provided to students in Des Moines. To arrange a visit, contact Wendi Kruger by phone at 515-241-4455 or by email at

Resources on this site include:

  1. Testimonials from students who completed their clinical training in Des Moines
    This includes information about the high quality training and support provided to students and how training in Des Moines can strengthen residency training applications.
  2. Information about living in Des Moines
    This includes information about the best sites to visit in Des Moines, fun things to do in Des Moines, and the great culinary adventures Des Moines has to offer.
  3. A description of each Des Moines-based third year clinical clerkships
    This includes a review of each third-year clinical clerkship, as provided by students who completed third-year training in Des Moines within the last year.
  4. A map of where students who completed third-year training in Des Moines subsequently matched
    The map reflects the diversity of specialties and types of training programs these students chose (including Iowa-based programs and other prestigious training programs across the country from coast to coast).