Psychiatry Clerkship


During the 4-week Psychiatry clerkship, students are assigned to work at Broadlawns Medical Center where they will participate in both inpatient and outpatient psychiatric care experiences. Students will work with one of the staff psychiatrists caring for patients on the inpatient service. They will perform initial intake evaluations and generate admission history and physical reports and then follow these patients and provide daily progress notes. Students will also participate in the daily multi-disciplinary care rounds on their assigned patients. In addition to these duties on the psychiatry inpatient service, students will participate in a variety of other educational activities. These include: seeing patients with faculty in the outpatient psychiatry clinics at Broadlawns, working with the Psychiatry Crisis Team in the Broadlawns Emergency Department, seeing patients undergoing treatment in the New Connections substance abuse program, participating in electro-convulsive therapy of select patients, rounding on inpatients one weekend during the rotation, and participating in the care of adolescent patients seen and cared for at the Orchard Place residential care facility in Des Moines. 


  • Psychiatry Clerkship Survival Guide
  • Psychiatry Clerkship: Detailed Study of the Patient Guide
  • Copies of the following books will be provided as reference texts to use during the rotation: Andreason and Black's Introductory Textbook of Psychiatry, the Diagnostic Criteria from DSM V from the American Psychiatric Association, and Lyketsos and Chisolm's Systematic Psychiatric Evaluation.
  • Students are also provided a copy of First Aid for the Psychiatry Clerkship to assist them in preparing for the shelf exam taken on the last day of the clerkship.
  • The Psychiatry web site on ICON has links to numerous handouts and other written resources as well as video recorded lectures on psychiatry core topics provided by faculty in Iowa City.
  • Health Sciences Library:  Students have twenty-four hour access daily to the IMMC Health Sciences Library.  A picture ID is required for after-hours entry.  Call the Health Sciences librarians for assistance at 241-6490.


  • Psychopharmacology teaching sessions will be conducted by the Broadlawns PharmD educator, including a Psychopharmacology Jeopardy session.
  • A Psychiatry Journal Club exercise will be provided. Students must critically appraise a psychiatry clinical study using the provided worksheet in advance of this session.
  • A Suicide Risk Assessment exercise conducted with a live simulated patient will also be provided.
  • Four Case Conferences will be provided by faculty involving interview of a live patient with one of four common psychiatric diagnoses. Students will then discuss with faculty how best to evaluate and treat patients with these types of disorders.
  • Students will return to Iowa City for Patient-Based Assessment exercises where they will be recorded interviewing two simulated patients with psychiatric disorders (typically the third Thursday of the rotation). Students will then view their recorded interviews with a faculty member to receive additional feedback on their performance.


  • Students should look on the ICON website for an explanation of the psychiatry clerkship evaluation policy.  This will be reviewed and further discussed during clerkship orientation.

Final Grading: 

  • Students should look on the ICON website for an explanation of the psychiatry clerkship evaluation policy.  This will be reviewed and further discussed during clerkship orientation. 

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