Evidence Based Medicine (EBM)

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Practical EBM Resources Review Recording by Steve Craig, MD (2018) 

Diagnostic Test Article Review Recording by Hayden Smith, PhD (2016)

How to Search the Medical Literature Using PubMed Recordings 

Use MeSH to Build a Better PubMed
PubMed: The Filters Sidebar
PubMed: Advanced Search Builder
PubMed: Search Using a PICO Question

EBM Notebook (PowerPoint Slides & Attachments):

1.  Librarians Searching Medical Literature PowerPoint

2. Dr. Craig's Reviewing Therapy Articles PowerPoint

3. Dr. Smith's Reviewing Diagnostic Test Articles PowerPoint

  • Attachment #1 - Identifying Depression in Primary Care

  • Attachment #2 - Evidence Based Medicine Requires Appropriate Clinical Context

  • Attachment #3  - How to User an Article about a Diagnostic Test

  • Attachment #4 - Users' Guide to the Medical Literature: Diagnostic Tests

 4. Applied Evidence-Based Medicine PowerPoint