Outpatient Internal Medicine Clerkship


During the four-week Outpatient Internal Medicine clerkship, three students are assigned each block. Students will work with one primary physician in the Internal Medicine group during the four weeks.  Students get to see patients one-half day each week in outpatient cardiology, infectious disease and hematology-oncology clinics.

 Students will see and evaluate 5 to 8 patients each clinic day. An effort is made to ensure students are able to evaluate patients with a wide variety of clinical concerns.  These include routine health maintenance, chronic medical conditions and a variety of acute concerns. 

Students also attend weekly case-based learning sessions where they interact with faculty and discuss core topics assigned for review.

To hear first hand about this core clerkship  from prior students, watch  their feedback here.


  • Outpatient Internal Medicine Clerkship Survival Guide

  • A notebook for the rotation will be provided on the first day of the clerkship. The notebook contains the cases assigned for Case-Based Learning (CBL) sessions and  MKSAP for Medical Student sample questions organized by subspecialty area that students should review to prepare for the end-of-clerkship. NBME Outpatient Medicine Shelf Exam.  Additional reference book and articles will be provided for review during the clerkship.

  • Health Sciences Library: Students have 24-hour access 7 days per week to the IMMC Health Sciences library. A UnityPoint - Des Moines picture ID badge will be needed for after-hours entry. Internet and photocopying is available. Students may call the Health Sciences librarians for assistance at 515-241-6490.


  • CBL Sessions are held one half day a week in Nelson Student Classroom.

  • Internal Medicine Residency Grand Rounds: Weekly on Wednesday mornings from 7:30-8:30 a.m. in Thompson Auditorium.

  • Internal Medicine Residency Noon Conferences: Generally held every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday from Noon-1:00 p.m. in Dorner Seminar Room.  A monthly schedule will be provided.


  •  PxDx documentation must be completed by the end of the clerkship.

Final Grading:

The final grade students receive for this clerkship is based on the following:

  • A clinical performance ratings from supervising faculty

  • Performance on the PBA exam

  • Performance on the final exam, this includes both:

    1. The NBME standardized shelf exam for Outpatient Internal Medicine.

    2. Two computer-based Virtual Patient Simulaation exercises.

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